Krazy Kat Litter

Box of 176 oz

Box of 176 oz

Kaka kat
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Kaka: French word for poop.
Synonyms: number two, dung.

KAKA - The Concept

KAKA is astounding, uncompromising and exacting, it doesn’t claim to be anything other than what it is.

KAKA is nothing but cat litter, opting for a clearcut and ultra-natural ethical positioning rather than generalisations.

KAKA, unlike the competitors’ traditional products, is quite simply:

After all, why pussyfoot around?

Who manufactures KAKA ?

We are a family-owned company.
We have been mainly extracting minerals since 1927.
We are passionate about what we do.

We look for simple solutions and control our entire value chain.

At the heart of commitment you will find the use of a process that recovers essential components from minerals and the assurance of responsible production: reliable, low-carbon footprint and bio-compatible.

Where does Kaka come from ?

Normandy. KAKA “Krazy Kat Litter” is produced at our site from clay that is rigorously selected in our quarries.

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KAKA’s advantages

“KAKA, Krazy Kat Litter ” is competitive in terms of its price and specific qualities:

The conditioning of KAKA

Box of 176 oz Display box of 6 boxes